"3 minutes walk from Yotsuya Station" Excellent access to business and sightseeing

【Official】Hotel New Shohei

【Limited stay】Free drinks service in 2F lounge

Dive in the center of Tokyo
Since its inception, Hotel New Shohei been loved as a base for many businessmen, single-use, and Tokyo Hotel New Shohei
It is a compact business hotel with an unusual concept of “Dive Hotel”.
The calm guest rooms are packed with a lot of ingenuity that brings out the “concentration” of computers and reading.
All rooms offer non-smoking “Relax and Relax”.
Prepare for tomorrow at a hotel in Yotsuya, the center of Tokyo.

【Nationwide travel support】We are preparing now.

  • 【Nationwide travel support】It is currently in preparation.

    Our hotel is currently preparing for "National Travel Support".
    Details will be announced on the official website, etc. as soon as they are decided.
    More Tokyo can continue to be used, so
    Please use the target plan.

【For stays from September 1st】 We have prepared a plan for "More Tokyo".

  • We are waiting for your reservation on the official website or by phone.

    ☆Reservations can be made on the official website or by phone.
     It can be applied to plan that do not have a description of "not eligible for reservations".

    1.For residents of Tokyo
    ※A Tokyo resident is someone who has an address in Tokyo at the time of booking and running the trip.
    2. Those who have a history of vaccination (3 times or more) or have been confirmed to be negative in PCR tests, etc.
    ※Please refer to "About Confirmation Documents" below for the necessary confirmation documents.
    3. If you are 18 years old or later and before the first March 31st, we will provide an additional 1,000 yen subsidy.
    4. A fixed amount subsidy of 5,000 yen per night for overnight trips and 2,500 yen per trip for day trips
    ※Maximum of one stay is 5 nights per person
    ※There is no limit to the number of times you can use it.

    Please see the link below for details.

【All plan free breakfast】 "Breakfast buffet" is available free of charge for all plan.

【Limited stay】Free drinks service in 2F lounge

  • 【Limited stay】Free drink service at the 2nd floor lounge for free! (Alcoholic drinks from 17:00)

    The free drink space is equipped with an espresso machine, as well as tea, juice and light meals.

    Feel free to use it during your stay.

    Alcoholic beverages are available from 17:00.
    We offer red wine, white wine, low-malt beer, canned chuhai, etc.
    Please enjoy yourself.

    ※Please understand that the types of drinks are subject to change.

    ✰ Only the cafe can be used by non-guests.500 yen per hour.From 15:00 to 22:00.

Check for the latest information on Instagram Updated almost every day!

Please see Twitter Hotel New Shohei ✰

We will work on SDGs to contribute to a sustainable society.

  • We have set up an amenities bar.We will reduce the amount of plastic used and solve social issues.

    We have introduced an amenities bar system.We have toothbrushes, hairbrushes, razors, and body sponges.
    We would like to use only what we need and work with our customers to reduce the amount of plastic used.

<important> About GOTO Travel Pause

  • We are looking forward to preparing a great plan in the future.]

     We hope that everyone will be pleased when the GOTO Travel Campaign is launched again.
    We are planning to prepare a fun and profitable plan.

     This time, accommodations that are not covered by the GOTO campaign and cancellations in response to requests for self-restraint
    We sincerely look forward to using it again, such as customers who have contacted us.
                             Hotel New Shohei Manager


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Hotel New Shohei


1-7-9 Yotsuya, Shinjuku City, Tokyo Metropolis

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Transport information from "Yotsuya Station" to "hotel"

·JR Chuo Line Rapid / JR Chuo Sobu Line stops at Yotsuya Station Yotsuya Entrance 3 minutes on foot
·3 minutes on foot from Akasaka Entrance Yotsuya Station Tokyo Metro Marunochi Line
·Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Yotsuya Station B 2 exit 3 minutes on foot

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