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Hotel New Shohei


1-7-9 Yotsuya, Shinjuku City, Tokyo Metropolis

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Transport information from "Yotsuya Station" to "hotel"

·JR Chuo Line Rapid / JR Chuo Sobu Line stops at Yotsuya Station Yotsuya Entrance 3 minutes on foot
·3 minutes on foot from Akasaka Entrance Yotsuya Station Tokyo Metro Marunochi Line
·Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Yotsuya Station B 2 exit 3 minutes on foot

Detailed route from "Yotsuya Station" to "hotel"

  • 1.【JR Yotsuya Station(Yotsuya Entrance)】

    JR Chuo Line Rapid
    [Car 4, 6, 7]
    JR Chuo Sobu Line each station stop
    Please get on "No. 2, 5, and 6".
    ※Car 10 will go to the Marunouchi Line ticket gate and Akasaka Entrance, so be sure to check the boarding vehicle.

    When you exit the ticket gate, your left hand is Yotsuya Entrance.
    ※As the right hand is Kojimachi Entrance"Sophia University direction", please be careful that there is no mistake.

    Yotsuya Entrance heading to Yotsuya Entrance, you can see a taxi landing in front.
    The road is divided into right and left.You can see the sign for “Marunouchi Line” in the upper left, so go out from the left.
    When going out, we will come out before the "Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection" signal.
  • 2.【Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection】

    There is an intersection of Yotsuya-Mitsuke and Yotsuya-Mitsuke North.(※Please be aware that it will come out before the intersection of Yotsuya-Mitsuke North, which will take you outside the taxi landing right.)
    Between these two intersections there is "Shinmichi-dori".Yotsuya Entrance intersection exiting Yotsuya Entrance is in front of Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection where Shinjuku-dori “National Route 20” and Gaien Street “Tokyo Metropolitan Route 405” intersect.

    Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection you come out in front of Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection, you will see Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in front. And the neighboring lottery department and eyeglass store will be "Shinmichi-dori".

    ※Yotsuya-Mitsuke North intersection is the signal in front of San-ei-dori.There is Family Mart entrance.
    Please be aware that many people get lost in the way after entering this "San-ei-dori".
  • 3.【Shinmichi-dori】

    Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection the corner of Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection, go to the lottery counter and there will be a narrow street in the restaurant street on your left. You can see the signboard (gate) of "Shinmichi-dori" at the top.(The night time lights up.The hotel is located along this "Shinmichi-dori".

    Cross the pedestrian crossing and enter Shinmichi-dori. We will be able to see the signboard of the hotel on the right side about 100 m.

    There is a shop of "Seafood charcoal"Genya"on 1F.
    The front desk is 2F, please come by elevator.
  • Four.【Hotel New Shohei】

    Thank you for your hard work.I arrive at the hotel.

    It is located in "Shinmichi-dori" in the front of Yotsuya Station (Yotsuya Entrance), 3 minutes on foot to the hotel without waiting for a signal from the station, which is the best place for location and transportation.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo Station

    Access method 2: Haneda Airpot


    There is no parking lot.Please use nearby coin parking. There is a "Kojimachi Tokyu Building Parking lot" of a multi-storey parking lot at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kojimachi branch building, passing through Shinjuku-dori from the Yotsuya-Mitsuke intersection JR Yotsuya Station to Kojimachi. For other parking lots, please visit our website.
  • Duration and route from nearby station to Yotsuya Station

    〇Tokyo Station → Yotsuya Station, 9 minutes, (JR Chuo Line)
    〇Shinjuku Station → Yotsuya Station, 5 minutes, (JR Chuo Line)
    〇Shibuya Station → Yotsuya Station, 9 minutes, (JR Yamanote Line → JR Sobu Line)
    〇Ikebukuro Station → Yotsuya Station, 13 minutes, (JR Yamanote Line → JR Sobu Line)

  • Route from the airport to Yotsuya Station

    〇Haneda Airpot → Yotsuya Station, The shortest time is 34 minutes.
    Haneda Airpot →(Tokyo Monorail)→Hamamatsucho Station →(JR Yamanote Line)→Kanda Station →(JR Chuo Line)→Yotsuya Station

    〇Narita Airport → Yotsuya Station, The shortest 51 minutes
    Narita Airport →(Keisei Skyliner)→Nippori Station →(JR Yamanote Line)→Kanda Station →(JR Chuo Line)→Yotsuya Station