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  • I have summarized frequently asked questions.

1. Questions about reservation

Q1, when can I book accommodation from and to how long?

  • A1
    We accept reservations for half a year ahead.Please make a reservation via telephone or internet.
    (Example: Reservation reservation on 31st July will be available from February 1st.Reservation on August 1st will be available from March 1st.)
    【 ※ Depending on reservation sites that are affiliated, the display of monthly days and days that can be booked will differ.】

Q2, Can I make a temporary reservation for my accommodation and wait for cancellation?

  • A2
    We do not accept provisional reservations and cancellation wait. 
    We do not accept reservations when the staying date is not finalized.
    If you are occupied on the Internet, please contact us by phone or sorry to trouble you but please check the date again.

Q3 How long will the cancellation fee not be charged?

  • A3
    The cancellation fee is as follows.
    Cancellation without permission (NoShow) 100% on the day
    Cancellation notice on the day 100%
    50% from the day before to the day before
    3 days to 7 days ago 20%

    Cancellation charges may occur at different times, such as "Early bird plan" in Internet sales.Please check "Cancellation Policy" for each plan.

Q4 Is there a continuous room discount?

  • A4
    We offer a great plan for guests staying for 2 consecutive nights or more.Please check the reservation screen for details.

Q5, Do you have breakfast?

  • A5
    A light breakfast is provided free of charge.
    Please use it.
     【 time 】 From 7: 00 to 9: 00
     【 Location 】 Available at the hotel 2nd floor lounge (self-service)

Q6, What kind of payment method is available when guest and payor are different?

  • A6
    We will accept liquidation at the front desk by the day of arrival or will accept direct deposit. 
    In the case of account transfer, we ask that you confirm the transfer by the day before the staying day.
    Although it is very troublesome after transfer, I think that you can inform us by telephone mail etc.
    ※ We will not accept your request at a later date.
    ※ If you can not confirm the transfer by the day of your stay, we will refuse your accommodation or make payment from the guest on the day.

2. Question regarding check-in / check-out

Q1, what time is check-in / check-out?

  • A1
    "Basic check in / check out time", Check In, From 15:00/Check Out, ~ 12: 00

    ※From September 3, 2018, the checkout time has changed to 12:00.
    Along with that, early check-in will be abolished.
    Humbly thank you for your understanding.

Q2, If you arrive earlier than the check-in time, can you keep my luggage?

  • A2
    Luggage storage is accepted. 【 We will put your luggage in your room.】
    We are also accepting procedures for check-in, but there are cases where we will only accept your baggage due to traffic congestion.

Q3, When is the payment of the accommodation fee?

  • A3
    The hotel is a front reception system.Please pay the accommodation fee by cash or credit card when checking in on the day of use.
    ※ In principle, checks, travelers checks, gift certificates of credit card companies can not be used.JTB "Nice stay, nice gift" can be used.
    Other charges such as telephone charges are to be checked at the front desk on the checkout day.

Q4, What is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tax?

  • A4
    "Room charge" per person "+ service charge" is over ¥ 10,000 ~ less than ¥ 15,000 (tax excluded) Tokyo metropolitan area tax 100 yen.
    Fees for meals are not subject to taxation.
    ※In case of exceeding ¥ 10,000 (tax not included) for fee without meal

Q5, What time is check-in?

  • A5
    There is no time designation especially because the front desk is on the 24 hour system.
    In case of passing past 22:00 on the day, or if you change greatly from the time you received at the time of reservation, please contact the hotel though sorry to trouble you.
    Even if the expected arrival time is greatly past, if there is no message from the customer, we may contact you from here.If you can not contact · or if there is no contact from the customer, please note that it may be canceled (non-staying) and selling to other customers on the day.

Q6, I ​​set the check-in time at 22:00 h, but can I enter the room even if I arrive earlier than that time?

  • A6
    We can guide you to your room even if your arrival time becomes earlier if it was after 15:00 that we can guide you to your room.
    ※ We can not guide you within the cleaning time (from 10:00 to 15:00). We accept only the procedure of luggage storage and check-in.
    ※ If you are hoping for deodorization, if your arrival schedule is presented earlier, deodorization of the room may not be finished, please understand in advance.

Q7 Can I send my luggage to the hotel in advance?

  • A7
    Please arrange your luggage on arrival of the day from 2 days before the date of your stay.In the item name column of the slip, sorry to trouble you but please specify your name and staying date of the guest.
    Our contracted courier is Yamato Transport. Customers planning to return luggage to the shipper on the checkout day also recommend "round-trip flights".
    Shipping costs will be cheaper if it is a round-trip flight, and procedures at the time of baggage return are also simple.
    ※ We do not accept packages for cash on delivery to the hotel.Please give me advance payment (departure payment).
    ※ Please be aware that due to weather, disasters etc, arrival of luggage of the shipping company may be delayed.

Q8, When sending luggage and goods to hotel, is cash on delivery possible?

  • A8
    We do not accept cash on delivery of hotel representatives. 
    If it is a liquidated item, I will deposit it.

Q9 Can you keep my bags after checking out?

  • A9
    We will accept deposit of your luggage after checkout if it was picked up during the day. 
    (※ We will keep baggage of those who re-stay within a week.)

Q10, Can I send my luggage from the hotel?

  • A10
    The courier service will be Yamato Transport. We are preparing payment (prepayment) · cash on delivery · multi-port slips.
    Cardboard etc are prepared by customers or sold at the front desk for a fee.
    Gummedep etc. are rented at the front desk.

Q11 Can you send me when I forget it?

  • A11
    We will send it if you can contact us.(It becomes cash on delivery shipping.We are also accepting deposits when you come to the hotel.We will refrain from contacting you from the hotel.
    ※ Regarding foodstuffs (foods with biological, spirit (consumption) due date), we will dispose of them here if there is no message from customers during the day.

3. Questions about rooms

Q1, what kind of furniture in the room are there?

  • A1
    tv set/Refrigerator/Air cleaner/Humidifier/phone/Washlet/Hair dryer/Nightwear/Bath towel/Face towel/Foot towel/Slipper
    Shampoo/Hair conditioner/Body soap

    ※Please use the toothpaste set, hairbrush, razor and body sponge from the amenities bar on the front desk.

Q2 Is there a non-smoking room?

  • A2
    All rooms are non-smoking rooms.
    ※We have a smoking space on the 2nd floor.

Q3 Is there an extra bed?

  • A3
    There is no extra bed. 
    There is no extension bed or crib.

Q4 Is there a child fee?

  • A4
    Elementary school student(Meals·No futon needed), Free)
    Elementary school lower grades(Meals·No futon needed), Uniformity, ¥ 2,000(tax included)
    Elementary school high school grade(5th and 6th graders), Junior high school student and over ~ Adult fare, ※In elementary school higher grade students who wish to make a bed linen, they can respond with child fee. Please be sure to confirm the bed size.
    Child fee is not set on our online reservation. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us by phone.

Q5 Is there a curfew?

  • A5
    There is no curfew.The front desk is open around the clock.
    There is a risk of getting lost or stolen with the room key on the road. 
    Sorry to trouble you but please leave the room key to the front desk whenever you go out.

Q6 When I stay continuously, can I keep my baggage in my room?

  • A6
    You can leave luggage except valuables (wallet, precious metal, laptop etc) in your room.
    ※ USB memory card etc., data kind control. Customer. Yourself please.

Q7, When you stay continuously, when will you come back to the room?

  • A7
    Cleaning time, 10: 00-15: 00, is the cleaning time in the room / facility.Please let us know your return time in advance.
    Customers who wish to return to the time within the cleaning time, please be sure to inform the front desk at the time of going out.We will clean up the guests prior to your stay.
    If you return without contact, cleaning will be in progress so we can not guide you to the room.
    In case cleaning of the room is unnecessary, sorry to trouble you, but please contact the front desk.We will put the amenity for 1 day in front of the door of the room.
    If you do not need room cleaning, you can return to your room anytime.

Q8, I'd like to refuse all cleaning while staying?

  • A8
    Unfortunately, basically, we do not accept unnecessary cleaning every day.Because guests are used by unspecified number of guests, we will clean the room once every two days on sanitary conditions.
    If your return is early, we will clean the room by the time you can return if you can tell us in front desk in advance.
    ※ During the cleaning time, your time will be charged for at least 2 hours.

Q9 Is there a vending machine

  • A9
    Vending machines etc. are on 2F floor.
    【 Refreshing drink(SUNTORY)/Beer Can(SAPPORO)/Icemaker 】

Q10 Do you have a wheelchair-compatible room

  • A10
    barrier-free are a total of 6 rooms for disabled guests (no bathtub, shower booth only).
    Due to the drainage structure of the other rooms at the time of construction (1993), the entrance to the washbasin has a step of 30 cm.
    You can use it if you can act alone.
    We can not accept nursing care assistance (for small number of employees) on the front desk side.If you need nursing care, please use twin room or double room together with nursing person.

Q11 Is there a room with pets?

  • A11
    Unfortunately, there is no pet-companion room.We are also not accepting accommodation of therapy dogs (dogs).
    Customers accompanying "Dogs based on assistant dogs with disabled persons", care dogs (guide dog / assisting dog / hearing dog) can use it.However, I will confirm the certificate in advance.

Q12 Can I invite a friend to my room?

  • A12
    There are customers who are having trouble with each other, unauthorized staying in the guest room.
    We will refuse inquiries in the guest room between our guests and visitors. We will refuse hard entry without fail.Please use the lobby on the 2nd floor for the visit.
    If visitors are entering or staying in a room without permission, we will not charge a room or refuse accommodation for guests.
    For details, ask the front desk staff.
    ※The hotel can take responsibility for any troubles between customers who took us to the room.

Four. Questions about the Internet

Q1 Can I use the Internet?

  • A1
    Both wireless and wired LAN can be used for the Internet.Communication charges are free.The line is a light next.
    We also loan LAN cables.Please ask the front desk at check-in.(The number of loans is limited.)
    Please ask the front desk for the password of the wireless LAN.
    Although you can receive e-mails, some providers of your contract may not be able to send e-mails to prevent spam (port 25B).Please set port 587 number.If you can not send e-mail even after making settings, please contact your contract provider.
    ※ Some people living overseas may not be able to connect by the provider of the contract.

Q2 Can I use VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

  • A2
    VPN is not available.(Because of the cost aspect, there is a possibility that the line may be monopolized.)

Q3 Is there a computer lending?

  • A3
    Rental PC service is now terminated.

Q4 Do you have loan of LAN card?

  • A4
    There is no loan of the LAN card.