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  2. Frequently asked questions ②

Frequently asked questions ②

Five. Questions about accommodation services

Q1 Do you have room service?

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    There is no room service for eating and drinking.

Q2 Can I ask for a massage?

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    We will arrange a designated massage specified by the hotel.
    Congestion may not be arranged at your desired time.Please acknowledge it beforehand.
    ※ We do not accept anything other than the massage designated by the hotel.A business trip (DELIJEL · Massage) service shop can not be used.If you can not keep it, we will refuse your stay.

Q3 Is there a cleaning service?

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    Yes, we have.Y shirt 1 piece ¥ 600 yen(Tax Excluded)~, (※Please check the cleaning price list of the room.)
    For those who wish to clean, put laundry in the laundry bag and the part you brought to the front desk from Monday to Saturday morning by 8:30 will be the day's finish.
    Please note that laundry that was held after 9:00 am will be picked up the next day and will be finished.
       "Fixed holiday", Sunday/public holiday/GW period/Obon holiday period(Mid August)/End of Year/Beginning of Year

Q4 Do you have a laundromat within the facility?

  • A4
    There is no coin-operated laundrette in the facility.
    There is a coin-operated laundry at 8:00 in the morning and 24:00 in the morning to 2 minutes on foot, so please use it.The location of the laundromat will be announced at the front desk.We will lend it to customers who need detergent, so please do not hesitate to ask.
       "Fixed holiday", 7 days a week, 【 ※ Although it is displayed seven days a week, it closes irregularly.Please note that it may not be available.】

Q5, Is there a trouser press and iron in the room?

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    Trouser press and iron are on the front desk. ※ Lending units are limited.

Q6 Is there a light stand in the room?

  • A6
    Front desk will be borrowed. ※ Lending units are limited.

Q7 Is there a humidifier in the room?

  • A7
    Front desk will be borrowed. ※ Lending units are limited.

Q8 Is there an air purifier in the room?

  • A8
    We installed the air cleaner in all the rooms.
    Twin room and double room are installed with air purifier with humidification function.

Q9 Is there a business center in the facility?

  • A9
    There is no business center.
    Copy (black & white) We accept from the front desk 10 yen (10 yen) for one fax and 10 yen (for sending and receiving).

6. Questions about the hotel surroundings

Q1, Where is the nearest station?

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    The nearest stations are “JR Chuo Line / Sobu Line stops, Tokyo Metro Marunochi Line / Namboku Line”, Yotsuya Station.

    JR Chuo Line / JR Chuo Sobu Line stations, 2 minutes on foot from Yotsuya Station (Yotsuya Entrance)
    3-4 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Marunochi Line, Yotsuya Station (Akasaka Entrance)
    1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Yotsuya Station (B2 exit)

Q2 Do you have a convenience store?

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    It is not in the hotel facilities.In the neighborhood (2 to 3 minutes on foot) there are Seven-Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart.In addition, we walk a little, but there is LAWSON Store 100 / My Basket.

Q3, How much is it from the hotel to Sophia University?

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    Even if we include signal waiting, it takes about 6 minutes from Sophia University's main gate · North gate to 5 minutes walk.

7. Questions regarding parking lots

Q1 Is there a parking lot?

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    There is no parking lot in our hotel.In addition, there is no parking lot affiliated.Please use nearby parking lot (coin parking).

Q2 Where is the nearby parking lot (coin parking)?

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