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12 o'clock check out of the room! All rooms offer non-smoking "relief and relaxation".

The compact rooms are packed with lots of ingenuity to enjoy diving, where you can focus on relaxing, computer work and reading in the heart of Tokyo.
The representative thing is a head board with a table surrounding the bed called "function headboard".
Surrounded by a deep-sea blue boarded headboard, you can work and eat while sitting on the bed, the lighting and power supply are also perfectly equipped,
You can immerse in everything without being disturbed by anyone.
Function Headboard / Table / Unit Bath / Dryer / Amenity
  • Room Type Single Room

    Ideal for business people traveling on business or single users.
    You can enjoy the space of relaxation alone.

    We have two types of single rooms.
    ·Standard Single Room(There is a bathtub)
    ·barrier-free(No bathtub)

    ※Standard single A type and B type rooms cannot be selected.
    1 person
    10 m²
    Bed types
    195 cm × 120 cm
    Number of rooms
    26 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
  • Room Type Twin Room

    It is an indoor where there is a calm atmosphere.
    There is no feeling of oppression, and a spacious space is secured.
    You will be able to treat your fatigue of work and travel without hesitation while relaxing.
    2 People
    18 m²
    Bed types
    195 cm × 95 cm, Two
    Number of rooms
    1 room
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking
  • Room Type Double Room

    This double room is very popular with couples and couples, meeting various needs.
    Relax and unwind in the well-equipped and baptized space.
    2 People
    18 m²
    Bed types
    195 cm × 180 cm
    Number of rooms
    2 rooms
    Smoking or non-smoking
    All Rooms Non-Smoking

Number of rooms

30 rooms in total:Western-style room 30 rooms
Western-style breakdown:
 □ Single room (10㎡) (with toilet bath)… 21 rooms
 □ Universal single (10㎡) (shower booth only)… 6 rooms
 □ Twin room (18㎡) (with toilet bath)… 1 room
 □ Double room (18㎡) (with toilet bath)… 2 rooms

Room supplement

All rooms are non-smoking rooms.

Standard room facilities

All rooms bath toilet / All rooms shower / All rooms Air conditioning / Television / Satellite TV / Refrigerator

All rooms Internet connection free!

·Both wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) and wired LAN are available on the Internet.Communication charges are free.
※It does not correspond to VPN (Virtual Private Network).
·Lending LAN cable is free.Please ask the front desk at check-in.
·Please check with your front desk for the wireless LAN password.

Amenities(Guest room furniture)

shampoo/ /conditioner/ /Body Soap/ /Hand towel/ /bath towel/ /Foot towel/ /Nightwear/ /slipper/ /Resesh(Deodorants)

Amenities(Front desk distribution)

Hairbrush / toothbrush / razor / body sponge / cotton swab etc.

※Please contact other front desk.

Supplement for amenity

○vending machine(Soft drink·sake)
○It is on the 2nd floor of the microwave oven.
○Brushes are distributed at the front desk. Other front desk distribution amenities are available.
○Massage will be declined except for "massage at the hotel designated".

Front desk rental item

Mobile phone (smartphone) charger / LAN cable / hair dryer / trouser press / humidifier / iron / desk lamp / power extension cord / scissors / nail clipper / thermometer / blanket, etc

※Limited quantity. Please forgive kindly when running out of stock.

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Cleaning service / Massage(Toll)

Check in time

※Early check-in has been discontinued due to change of check out time.

Check out time